Saturday, September 1, 2012

Food Post 2!

Well, since I recently became “sick” (see: female problems), I didn’t get to do much for the past few days. Knowing this ahead of time, I decided to try some more foods over a period of a few days and then make another blog post about some more snack foods here! These were done over the period of a few days, so I didn’t eat all these in one day!

First, I picked up some potato chips…pizza flavor! I thought it sounded interesting, so I grabbed a bag to try.

They tasted like everything that claims they’re “pizza flavored”: they don’t. It’s not that they tasted bad, but they didn’t really do anything for my taste buds. They seemed somewhat bland, and I’d pick something else up before getting these again…but they weren’t bad. They just weren’t pizza flavored. It was hard to put a finger to the exact flavor of the chips…haha. After the chips, I picked up something that was called “Home Run Ball”.

It’s chocolate on the inside, that’s for sure. Also, I have no idea why everything in Korea is labeled as “premium”, but I see that word everywhere. Anyway, when I opened the container, I saw this

And when I took a bite, it was like a cornflake-y pastry crust with chocolate on the inside. It was pretty simple. They weren’t super delicious, but they also weren’t bad. Even though I kept telling myself “these aren’t special”, I kept eating them…and then the next thing I knew, they were gone! I’d also gotten something that I’ve wanted to try for a long time…

Watermelon ice cream! It’s actually like a popcicle, but it’s shaped like a watermelon with little “seeds” inside. When you pulled it out of its package, it looked like this~

It’s so cute! It was so good, I wanted a second one! The little seeds were little nuts (or something…not chocolate), and it was really yummy. It wasn’t ice cream, definitely more of a popsicle, and I’ll probably get another one soon~! For dinner that night, I decided to try a type of ramen since I wasn’t feeling too well.

I got a cheese flavor since it was something I’d never heard of or had before. It was a cup type of ramen, which is where you add hot water, let it sit, poke holes in the allotted spots, drain out the water, then add the flavoring! I was a little worried about cheese flavored ramen, but it was a lot like mac-n-cheese in a round about way. Since I was feeling so under the weather, I also grabbed a tiny thing of ice cream that night for a snack.

Yep. Haagen-Dazs. In Korea. It tastes exactly like it does everywhere else, and it was exactly what I’d needed that night. A few days later, I picked up Market-O Real Brownie. I’d seen commercials for these before and wanted to try them.

They were really sweet…sweeter than other brownies I’ve ever had. But that doesn’t mean they were bad! They were really good, especially as a little snack when my sweet tooth hit at night. (I still have most left, I’ll probably have one later tonight~) The best part was that they were individually wrapped, so I didn’t have to deal with just a big pile-o-brownie when I opened the box.

And each little package had such a cute design. Overall, the snack food in Korea is still pretty good! I still love it here and still really excited to be here for four months.

Bonus! Today, I went to help a friend move into her apartment (where I ended up being somewhat useless…), and while I was out I stopped into Etude House. Etude House is a make-up/face shop that is really widely known and has the cutest exteriors. I had to stop in to get a body wash, as I’d used all mine up, and while I was there I purchased some other things too!

The left is the body wash I got, Apple scented! It really does smell like apples, I’m eager to use it in the morning. The middle are face masks. I love, love, LOVE Korean face masks! Since we can’t get these kinds in the states, I was really eager to purchase them. I bought the collagen mask, which came with a free aloe mask. I used the aloe one tonight and my skin feels really great and fresh! I’ll probably buy some of these to take home~ The right product is a brow color. I’d always wondered if those types of things were useful for anything, and when I tried this I was so happy! They really define the brow and fill it in, so it wasn’t a wasted purchase at all! A great part about the face stores here is…

Freebies! You usually will always get freebies it seems! I got a small hand mirror, comb, little hair razor, some cotton pads (in that box), and small samples of face products! I love cosmetic shopping here so much...

Despite being under the weather, Korea has still been very fun~ I start classes on Monday and I’m really eager! Hope all is well back home with work and classes and I hope to talk to everyone soon!

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  1. So glad you are trying Korean foods...I would enjoy it! I miss the walking and the stairs all over we have to be intentional with exercise...there it is just life!. Good Luck with classes on Monday...Monday is Labor day work or school. You are missed but so glad you are happy!