Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Food Post 3!

The other day my friends took my to a curry place because they knew I loved Tonkatsu. They said that the restaraunt had amazing tonkatsu curry, and they were so right. It was a place called CoCo Ichibanya and it was right in Shinchon!

The front was really cool, they had mock-ups of some of the types of curry options they offered! I originally came for the tonkatsu, but some of the kinds on the board really beckoned to me.

I think next time I might have to try the veggies or the sausage one....mmm, so many options! But I was very determined to have my tonkatsu curry this first visit. I decided to not get any spiciness at all (because I'm sometimes wary of Korean "spiciness"), but I think next time I'll get 1 or 2 level spicy. I tasted my friends and it wasn't spicy much at all. The menu was incredibly foreign friendly and easy to understand.

There was a lot of English on it describing what each thing was and all that. It was really nice and it seemed like a good way to attract lots of business, especially with Yonsei right down the street. Both Sheetal and I ordered the Chicken Katsu curry and Kristen got the Hashed Beef curry.

It smelled absolutely awesome. Here's a shaky close-up shot!

It was so delicious. If you're in Shinchon and around the area, definitely hit this place up. I know I'll be going back a lot, it's such a comfortable place and the food was amazing! That night, after wandering around for a while, we decided to stop in at Holly's Coffee to see if they had some Bingsu we could try. Kristen and I had never had Bingsu, and decided midnight on a Wednesday was a good a time as any. We ordered the strawberry flavor.

For those who don't know what BingSu is, it's typically shaved ice, a flavor of ice cream plopped on top, fruit, and some mochi. I think traditionally it also has red beans and possibly corn flakes sometimes, but ours didn't have those things.

Tonight we had a Mentors Club meeting with our Cell 6 group again and we wound up going to a fish place. First we were given spicy....pork? I'm not sure what kind of meat it was, but it was really good.

After that came the fish. I'm not talking the kind of fish you get in mainstream American meals. I mean real, right from the river, recently caught fish.

That's it in the back there. I was really good because they roasted it outside over an open flame. The girls at the other side of the table helped me pick pieces off to eat, haha. 

There were a ton of us that showed up. So many, in fact, that the mentors had to sit at a completely different table across the restaurant! After we went to a bar to play some drinking games together, then to karaoke. It was a fun night together with some really cool people.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to be up early to meet with a friend for breakfast! It's 2am now where I am, and I'm exhausted!


  1. Keep writting your daily life!!! I really enjoy reading you!!

    Kisses from Spain!! ^_^