Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cat Café and Appleteen!

Today my friends and I went out to wander around and have some fun. We wandered around Sinchon (which is where Yonsei University is) and went to where we noticed a Cat Café was. We walked up to the 8th floor and found out that it was open on Sundays! Hooray! We went inside, took our shoes off and put on the given house slippers, and bought a drink. The drink is only about $7 and is what lets you stay inside and be around the cats for a long time. I got iced chocolate (hot chocolate, but cold!) The inside of the café was so cute.

All of the walls had places for the cats to climb, even the ceilings! There were toys out for the cats to play with and small boxes for them to curl up in and sleep~ Food and water were always out for them too. They give out little rule cards to everyone who comes in while they wait for their drinks. They were the cutest things I’ve seen!

They had them in English and Korea, how clever of them~ When we picked a table, we didn’t notice that there was already a cat sleeping in one of the chairs!

When we got our drinks, he woke up a little to say hi, he was such a sweetie. He was really cute and had such beautiful eyes. He stayed around for a bit before he left to get some food, but we still had another cat close by.

This cat stayed in the window most of the time we were here. He didn’t really care for people to pet him, but he’d put up with us when we did. But he’d do some really strange things…

He stood like this for a while. He wasn’t going to the bathroom or anything, just standing and staring at something. Cats are weird. Soon after we had gotten our drinks, a woman who worked at the café came around and put some wet cat food on everyone’s hands. I guess this food really drives the cats crazy, because they all came running!

They really licked our hands dry, they wanted the treats so much. It was so cute, and tickled a lot.
We stayed for a while and I got some good pictures of some of the cats!


After visiting with the cats, we went to GrandMart to see if they had towels, which we couldn’t find, but they were having a going out of business sale. I looked around and found some Colonize hoodies, and instead of being almost $80 like usual they were only $35! I snagged two of them and we moved on down the street, stumbling upon a new music store. It’ll make it easier to buy MBLAQ’s new releases~ I picked up one CD, Spica’s “Painkiller”, because I absolutely love it and every other song on the album.

If you like Kpop I definitely recommend you check these girls out. They’ve got incredible vocal power! After finding this place, we decided to find somewhere to eat. We hadn’t eaten at all today and as we walked around mulling over all our options, we settled on Appleteen. I guess that it’s a restaurant started by Brian Joo, a singer here. I’m a fan of his music, but oh my gosh his restaurant was amazing! We settled on two dishes: shrimp “spicy” pasta and a ham/cherry tomato/mushroom pizza.

I loved eating here (even though it was a bit expensive) because they played great music, had lounge chairs at the table, and the food was absolutely to die for. As you can see, we loved it.

If you’re in Korea and can get to an Appleteen restaurant, go! Go, go, go! It’s delicious and the atmosphere is really calm! After the main course, we moved to a coffee house because I wanted to try a waffle. That’s right, a waffle. Most coffee places here have some really amazing looking waffles! The place we went was called Tomo Coffee.

It was so quaint and cute inside~ We ordered a fruit waffle and when it came…

Oh my gosh! It had chocolate and strawberry ice cream, banana, kiwi, orange, whipped cream…it was amazing! The waffle was warm and the ice cream was cold, so it made an amazing taste together! We ate it happily, then Sheetal had to separate with us to meet up with her roommate. Kristen and I walked around for a while, and…I bought more things ㅠㅠ I bought a lotion, a makeup thing, and a soap that’s said to make pores smaller. The thing on the right was a free gift! It was really fun! Surprisingly, I haven’t run out of money. Ha! I had a really fun day~

Ah, yesterday I met up with Woojin! I didn’t remember to take any pictures, I was having too much fun…but we had some chicken finally! It was so good…if you come to Korea, try their boneless chicken! We then moved to a much more Korean bar. Woojin ordered ddokboki for us and also Pineapple Soju. He wanted to let me try something that tasted less like alcohol (because I don’t like the taste of most alcoholic drinks…) and it was really great tasting! The orange wasn’t as good, but we also had grape and pineapple, and they were so great…it was really fun! We finally had to split because it takes a bit for Woojin to get home from Shinchon, but it was a really great evening. Woojin is really cute and fun! 오빠, you know that? ㅋㅋ

Tomorrow starts the third week of classes. Wow, time is starting to move faster…


  1. Hello Kaia! Finally got a chance to catch up on reading your blog (have enjoy the pics on FB as well) - what an amazing time/trip/experience you're having! Keep the posts coming - and hey, when can we Skype? xoxo Joan

  2. Jealous of all the fun things you are doing...especially the fun finds!!!