Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Second day of classes

For me, today was the second day of classes (because I don’t have classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays). The day started at 9am with my Communication Media in Korea” class in a building right behind my dorm (which will be great if there’s a strong winter while I’m here~). I wasn't sure exactly how I’d like this course, but I actually am really eager for it now.

The class covers mostly how Korea’s communication media evolved from newspaper to what it has become now, covering how it affects stories, politics, culture, and everyday life. Since I’m really interested in Korean culture and how it’s evolved to its state now, I think that I’ll be really interested in this class. Media is a huge part of shaping every society, so I’m really excited!

When I finished that class, I came back to my dorm for a little rest, because I was really tired for some reason…but instead, I couldn’t get inside. I was locked out of my room, my key didn’t work! Every time I scanned it to get into my room, it would make a noise and the pad would light up red to deny me. I went to the front desk and they told me that my file had been deleted…I was so shocked. They kept asking if I’d broken any violations, which I know I haven’t. (If I have, they wouldn’t be bad enough to get me kicked out or something!) So the man at the desk re-opened my account for me, which allowed me to get into the room again. I kept asking him what I did, and he said he didn’t know…if I’d broken a violation, he would have been told. He said that it must have been an accident and not to worry. But of course I worry, I’m a worrier.

In my room I felt exhausted, especially after that incident. I sat in my room relaxing before I went to get lunch and then go to my second class. I ate at a place under my dorm because it had WiFi my phone could connect to…haha. I sat for a while enjoying the WiFi before heading to my second class, Contemporary Korean Cinema and Society. As I walked toward my class, I saw a familiar face…my friend Kristen was sitting there waiting! I’m so happy for this class now because she’s in it with me~ We didn’t do much, we just started watching a movie as soon as class started! We started “My Sassy Girl”, which I’m pretty sure is famous for having a scene at Yonsei University in it. We only watched a little bit (we’ll finish on Friday, I suppose), but it was a fun class period.

Kristen and I left together to go get shirts for the Mentor’s Club cheering orientation tomorrow and walked around trying to find the copy mat one of my texts is from, but to no avail. Eventually we split ways and I headed to my Early Modern Korea and its Historical Sites in Seoul class.

This class seems very cool. It’s all about the historical sites in Seoul and what happened there, how it affected the growth of Korea, etc. We’ll go on three field trips to the actual historical sites, I can’t wait! We didn’t do much in this class either, and it was my last class, so I came home and took a quick nap…I was really so exhausted.

But I do have some pictures! I wanted to try the Ramyun in Korea, so I grabbed that for dinner~ I got the shin-cup type where you fill it with water to cook the noodles.

I knew that Korean style Ramyun was spicy, so I didn’t put the whole pack of seasoning in and didn’t drain any water at all so that it wouldn’t just absorb a lot into the noodles but would have more of a spicy broth instead.

Even adding only about half the pouch…it was so spicy that my lips and tongue tingled! But it was really good, actually! Better than I thought it would be~

Tomorrow, since I don’t have classes, I think that I’ll go to Myeongdong and do some shopping. I want to see if MBLAQ’s concert DVD is actually released and I think I’ll go to Forever21 and also try to find a better backpack…we’ll see! Hopefully tomorrow is successful!

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