Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Yesterday evening my friends Kristen, Sheetal, and I decided to head to Cheonggyecheon Stream and check it out. It’s a stream that goes for a many miles (I think at least 5?) and it’s right in the center of Seoul. It’s surrounded by nature, but also by the huge industrial buildings. We met up at six and went to a place called “Jun’s Grill”. Sheetal’s roommate works there, and she wanted to meet Kristen and I, so we stopped in.

It was so, so cute. Really small, but very earthy…there were plants and a small wall garden that lined the whole room. It was incredibly relaxing to eat there.

When it got darker, they turned the lights down a bit to give it a really calm mood, it was wonderful. Also, they had a café cat! It was so cute~

It had a little T-shirt and Overalls on. He was beautiful, and really loved the chew on the grass growing next to our table, haha. After we had eaten our meals, Sheetal’s roommate brought us out some wine on the house.

Since I’m not much of a drinker at all (and if I do drink, it’s never wine), I didn’t drink much of mine, but it was so nice of her to do that. Soon after, we left. Making our way to the subway, we saw a few guys rapping and singing, so we sat down and watched.

They were incredible. We sat through the end of their show and told them they were awesome, then went on our way. I don’t know if this is what subway stations look like everywhere else, but in Korea they’re really nice!

Anyway, so we finally made it to where we were headed, and they had some really huge buildings. One great thing about Korea is the mixture and blending of the old buildings and new buildings. The architecture of these new buildings is incredible.

They had a huge statue (which we called “The Unicorn” haha) that made it really easy to find where the stream was.

When you turned the opposite way of the statue, the stream began. It started at the top where a bunch of small fountains were located

Then it all ran down into a big waterfall.

At night, they use colored lights to illuminate the water in certain places and even put on small light shows. It was beautiful to see in the dark.

The stream ran under bridges and streets, with places to sit all along the trails to either side of the water. It was a very artistic area.

They had projections on the walls (all which were brightly colored), and I loved each one of them. At night, the buildings around the stream light up as well, adding to the entire feeling.

Everything was bright and colorful, but also calm and serene.  After walking for a while, we sat under a bridge to relax and just enjoy everything around us.

The water runs pretty quickly at this stream, despite being very shallow.

After a while of walking again, we decided to head home because two of us still had some homework to do. All in all, it was a pretty nice and relaxing weekend. Next weekend is the Yonsei/Korea University games! I’m really excited~

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