Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shopping and Pizza Hut!

Sorry for the delay in updates! I’ve been too busy or tired to sit down and actually write anything out~

Anyway, on Thursday, I went to Myeongdong again. I actually went with the intent of buying MBLAQ’s concert DVD which was being released that day. I got it and….wow, it’s so cool~

I’ve already watched it and I really loved it! I was excited for MBLAQ to release something while I was in Korea, because I’ve always wanted to just walk to a store on the day of release and buy it. Since I was on a mission, it was over really quickly…and being in Myeongdong, I decided to shop around a bit. I still needed a regular backpack and some clothes (being here makes me realize that, yes, I did in fact underpack), so I walked around. I found a cool bag that I bought

It really caught my eye and drew me over, so I had to buy it. I also stopped in at Forever21 because I was certain they had sizes that fit me. I bought a few things that I can use here.

I’m only showing two shirts because I didn’t take pictures of anything else haha. I purchased a few other things and then headed back home because I was completely aware that I’d already spent too much money. That night I met up with Kristen and a friend of hers to get some dinner then go to Mentor’s Club Cheering Orientation! We wanted to try a Korean pizza hut, so we headed to the second floor of a building in Sinchon. We settled on a pizza type agreement

And dug in. It was “Bacon Potato Pizza”…and it was delicious. It had big pieces of bacon, potato wedges, corn, peppers, and onions on it. It was the one of the best pizzas I’ve had in my life, I think. I really need to go back to a Pizza Hut here and take my time to eat. We had to hurry to cheering orientation though, so we ate quickly.

After cheering orientation, we went to Karaoke. It was my first time doing it in Korea, and it was wonderful. I belted my heart out (per the usual), and we left after about two hours…and I was exhausted. It was about 12:30am by the time I got home, so I instantly fell asleep because I had class at 9am on Friday.
Since then, I’ve been busy with classes and other things, but I managed to snag a new pair of socks and some notebooks for classes~!

Everything here is cute, I don’t know why I didn’t live here…I love everything cute! Anyway, this upcoming Monday will be the start of the second week of school, so we’ll finally really start having lectures and learning! I’m really excited~

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