Monday, September 3, 2012

Introduction to Korean Studies


휴~휴~ I was really nervous for the first day of class! But it was really great, which is why I posed for VICTORY in the picture~! haha, somewhere my dad is wishing I didn't upload this picture cause he thinks I look stupid in it :P

But this morning I actually woke up early because I had a stomach ache...of course it was on the first day. I eventually fell back asleep....but slept through my alarm and woke up an hour later than I wanted. It still left me time to get ready, but I was unhappy.

On Mondays I only have one class, which is Introduction to Korean Studies. I ended up getting to class right on time, but there was no professor...just a classroom full of students. We all sat around for a while talking to the other people around us until a woman came in and announced that our professor was on his way, he'd just gotten confused on which building the class was in.

The professor himself seems really funny and interesting. He isn't actually a professor at Yonsei, he's a professor a t Seoul Women's University...but he graduated from Yonsei. He said that he was a freshman in Korea in 1991...but has been in Korea since 1986. He's originally from the United States, but he's been living, studying, and teaching in Korea since that time (he said that it was very hostile and dangerous when he first came here).

He's really interested in Korea and how it became what it is today, so I'm glad I signed up for the class because that's what I find really interesting. I'm so excited to start the course...we were already given readings to do, but we can't get our book until at least Wednesday ㅠ___ㅠ

I think that it'll be a great class, even though there will be tons of readings and notes. I don't think I'll be bored and this is exactly what I'd wanted when applying to study here!

Tomorrow...I have no class! So I'm going to meet up with my friend YuSun from Purdue who graduated and moved back home to Korea~ I'm really so excited to see her after so long! She said that she'll take me to a place that's really good for taking pictures, so except some tomorrow evening!

On Wednesday I'll update about the classes I had that day, too~

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