Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So after having cabin fever after only a day of being stuck indoors, it seemed well enough with the weather to go out and explore some more! I asked my friend Kristen to go to Myeongdong with me and so we set off at around 6pm!

I’d heard it doesn’t get very busy or exciting until then, so we grabbed the subway and made our way there as the sun went down…which was awesome, because you got to see all the incredible lights.
They have literally every brand here…what can you spot?

Converse, Nature Republic, Timberland, Landrover, Nike, Spao…and that’s only one small section of a street in Myeongdong! This place is amazing…this is definitely what I’ll miss when I go back home! There’s so much you don’t even know where to begin, you just know that you want to right away! We originally went for a specific Kpop store (I have friends to send gifts home to!) but we stayed for about five hours because it was so amazing. Have you ever seen a three story Dunkin Donuts in person?

No, you probably haven’t. But I did, and I about screamed. There was even a huge BSX store there that was clearly endorsed by G-Dragon of popular hip hop group Big Bang.

He was everywhere inside that store, and since my friend was a huge fan of G-Dragon, we had to stop in! They had some great clothes, just too expensive for this trip to Myeongdong. There are also nature republic shops EVERYWHERE in Korea! There had to be four or five at least in Myeongdong alone.

Jang GeunSuk is the model for Nature Republic so he was also everywhere. You literally cannot escape his face in Korea. The store that we went into had the coolest wooden exterior though, it was beautiful. It was two stories up for an entire make-up and skin care store…GeunSuk everywhere…

This Nature Republic building was the building we had to go into to get to Music Korea, the kpop store we’d planned to visit. The kpop store was on the 3rd floor of the building, and you instantly knew it as soon as you saw the posters and giant wall sized posters!…took this for my friend Kirtie, I knew she’d enjoy it~

I didn’t want to take any photos inside the store, I didn’t know if that was allowed, but it was so amazing…walking into a store and seeing Kpop CDs was really weird, but really great. All the MBLAQ things they had I already owned, so I bought Two-X’s debut mini album and TaeTiSo’s Twinkle album for myself and picked up Beast’s new album “Midnight Sun” for Kirtie and Ukiss’ “Neverland” album for Ali! I hope you guys like them! 

After that store, we continued to walk around and we found this cool building.

I love rainbows, so a huge rainbow building is something I had to take a picture of! Then we made our way down some more back streets…to be honest, no street is a back street in Myeongdong! Every single street is filled with people and shops…

We even found the really huge ice cream street vendor and we shared a cone! Seriously, they’re supposed to be about 30cm in length…and they were huge! But so, so delicious…

This is my friend Kristen who went with me showing off the ice cream. Haha, we were so sweaty by this point that ice cream was exactly what we needed! As we walked, we couldn’t stop staring at the architecture of some of these buildings! This was the entrance to a 3 story Forever21…it was so beautiful! Wooden looking beams and everything! 

After exploring for so long, we hobbled home exhausted and went our separate ways. Finally taking my shoes off was so nice…my feet ache! But I still managed to get a few shots of what I bought in Myeongdong!

First, I was bummed I had everything MBLAQ has released so I got a small clear file-like thing from a street vendor, haha! Only 2$, and it’s about the size of my computer screen!

I also got a shirt, but I have no idea what it says. I just thought it looked funny with the lady’s leg on it.
I also got a hat that I’d wanted for a long time~

My webcam is mirrored, but it says “KING” on the front~ (please don't mind my face...I'm really exhausted and sweaty! ㅠㅠ) I didn’t take a picture of the blemish hider I got from Nature Republic because it’s pretty standard like the states~ I can’t wait to go back to Myeongdong and pick up more things! Dad, if you’re reading this…don’t worry! Everything tonight cost under 75$ total!

So today really ended up being eventful! I’m very excited, and also…my favorite group announced they’ll be releasing their concert dvd in Korea! I can go buy it, hooray!

I hope everyone is well!

Love from Korea~

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