Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home Plus

Today I called up a new friend, Kristen, and she agreed she would go to Home Plus with me! I’ve wanted to go for a while but I’ve never known where one was. All I could find was information about a Home Plus in Jamsil, close to Lotte World. It’s far from Yonsei, but we decided to go anyway.

When we got there, we were amazed…it was about 5 stories high with every floor being for something different! They even had criss-crossing escalators that had no steps and you took your cart on them! It was amazing and I genuinely wish our stores back in the states were like this.

We each had lists of things we needed, but we wandered quite a bit, haha. I got several things I needed like...

a cup/fork/spoon set (which technically was in the children’s section, but I’m a child at heart) that had Miffy the bunny on it,

a super cute umbrella with really adorable details (I WILL find a way to get this back to the states), 


a shirt that I thought was hilarious,

house slippers,

and a present for Andi back home (and presents for others, but those are a surprise so no pictures!)
I didn’t take a picture of the cute cardigan I got (I don’t know why) or the extra pillow I bought, but it was a pretty productive day.

After the long subway ride back, my arms packed full of things to hold, we stopped by a Holly’s Coffee where I got a sandwich to take home for dinner and Kristen broke a 50 for change to use a cab to get back to her hotel.

When we parted ways, I had to walk all the way back up to SK Global house…and it was scorching hot again. I was sweating so bad and that was about when I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day. My stomach was crying out in pain…I rushed home and immediately opened the sandwich to eat, but not before I got a picture to show~

It was ham and cheese, I think, but it was great. The bread was awesome! The whole sandwich was only around 3,000-4,000 won. After I ate it, I downed a good bit of Chilsung Cider and felt a lot better. The air conditioning is on and I feel pretty good~

I’m exhausted though, because I walked a lot. We weren’t exactly sure where the Home Plust market was when we exited the subway, but we found it after a long bout of walking. Either way, it was a really fun day and I had a blast with Kristen.

We have a lot in common so I think it’ll be a fun semester with her~

Tomorrow I have a skype date with Andi, so who knows if I’ll do much aside from that! I’ll update you all later!


  1. I am Happy that you have more than one towel now...and an umbrella....and slippers and ALL of those nice things! Glad you and your friend had fun...hope your cold has gone away. It is very hot here at home too....just walked a couple of miles for exercise and now very to the grocery.......I miss you and Seoul! love ya...MOM

  2. Keep 'em coming, Kaia. Everyone is reading your posts ... they may not be commenting ... but they're enjoying.

    Good job ... you are (along with your brother) "Ichiban" ... for the rest of you that means "the best"

    I love you.

  3. So many cute things! And why does that ham and cheese look better than any I have had here!! ///want///

    So glad you are doing good! Stay out of the rain...otherwise people will kidnap you to keep you out of it. They apparently DONT like getting the slightest bit wet there from the rain!!


    Love ya!!