Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today we went to Insadong, which is a place everyone says you have to go if you’re visiting Korea. It’s pretty tourist-y, but also incredibly fun to visit. It’s an open street market with cute shops and amazing food vendors.

We first made our way to the most well-known spot in Insadong, the building that you walk up with a bunch of different stores. Insadong is also an art district, so there were tons of galleries, but also in this building there were lots of names and things drawn on the walls. A few support beams were made up to look like trees.

On the walls, lots of people write their names, cool sayings, or their own names with their boyfriend or girlfriends names. I was standing next to a pillar and turned to see that someone had scribbled MBLAQ right at my eye level. It was weird because that’s my favorite group, and they’re not extremely popular in Korea…but I was happy to see it!

Up one of the stairwells they have a huge statue of a rose…it’s really awesome how they integrated art into their building as well as all over it on the walls!

It’s an upwards outdoor mall-like building, and you make your way to the top to see all the stores. It’s a really cool layout and fun to look at! The street kind of takes you out of the city and puts you down in a place that integrates the buildings in with nature. It’s really relaxing and calm.

We then passed cut-outs of Yunho and Changmin from DBSK and mom had to have her picture with them~

Throughout the entire city there are back alleyways with lots of places to eat. They all smelled so good TT__TT We stopped and got some Mandu, which is Korean dumplings. We got the deep fried one just to try, and it was so delicious.

As we were walking, we did get sucked in by the men making Korean candy. They were really fun and hilarious…I’ll post a video below too, hopefully you can hear them!

Here's a link to the video that I uploaded on youtube~

Tomorrow we go to Yonsei in the morning to move me into my dorm in SK Global! I'll give an update about that tomorrow~ I hope everyone back home is enjoying school so far and that the weather has been good!

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