Friday, August 17, 2012

Yonsei University Day Trip

First of all, this entry will be long because there are a lot of pictures that were taken. Be prepared! (if you click on the pictures themselves, they'll get bigger and you can see them in detail!) Please be sure to click the "READ MORE"!

When I woke up, I decided to snap a few pictures of what's outside our hotel room. You can really see the city, and some mountains in the background!

if you look down from there, you see a really pretty garden-like terrace and relaxing area on top of a restaurant. It's fun to watch couples sit together down there~

So, today we went to Yonsei (originally for things that we actually couldn’t do :P ). To get to Sincheon, we have to take the subway metro system. It was really exciting! I’ve never been on a subway metro before, so it was a totally new experience for me. Aside from having a bit of confusion about which subway line to use and where to get off, it wasn’t so bad. It’s a lot easier if you’re like me and can read Korean (therefore understanding which stop was for which city~) and eventually we got from our hotel to Sincheon. The subway is really convenient and neat here. Also I have nothing to compare it to so maybe that’s just what subways are normally like…

Anyway, we arrived and easily found our way out. Walking down the street to Yonsei was awesome; there are tons of small shops to go in and tons of people. It’s definitely a place for people my age. Yonsei was just a straight walk from the station to the university’s main gate, and it was really fun to walk there amongst all the people. We got through the front gate after the parents took a million pictures at the entrance. To say the least, campus is beautiful. The picture below is of the main street, and it’s lined with absolutely beautiful trees.

As we continued on to try and find SK Global house (the dorm where I’ll be living), we passed a really cool relaxing, green park! There was a small waterfall and everything. I think I know where I’ll be going to a lot haha! This is a picture of a little waterfall at that park.

Finally we made it to the international part of campus, which is waaaaaaaay off the east side of campus. Needless to say, it’s a really long walk, mostly uphill…and it’s incredibly humid here! I wish I was born Korean simply so it would make this heat a little easier to deal with! We found a small restaurant called “The Kitchen” and decided to get a drink. My parents got fresh squeezed lemonade (which had sprite in it, it tasted amazing!) and I got a Mountain Dew. Everything sold here is so cute…just look at these little cups that our drinks came in! The people who worked there were really great.

As we finally found a place to eat, we settled down and had a good lunch break. It was at a restaurant under my to-be dorm, I don’t really remember the name. But they had awesome food. Below is what we got, I got a three cheese bulgogi cheese melt, my mom got a bulgogi burger, and my dad got a bacon burger. It was a great lunch for a such a small place!

We then left and went back upstairs to the main entrance of SK Global. I love the entrance, it’s really shiny! As you can see off to the side, every room has their own balcony…totally awesome.

Speaking of the balconies, there was a cat sitting on the edge of one! How cute~

We then made our way back down the hills (which was a lot easier than going up them), and found the cheering stadium/outdoor concert hall. There was a really cool metallic statue that I took a seat near, so I decided to snap a picture.

And then I decided to snap a picture of myself! Yay!

The landscape at the school is beautiful throughout the entire campus. Flowers, green trees, and vines are everywhere. The main building on campus, the memorial hall, is a beautiful stone structure covered in vines.

When we left, we stopped by the gift shop and I got an AKARAKA cheering towel that I had wanted. On the way back to the subway station, we stopped at one of the stores along the sidewalk and got some shampoo and conditioner. It’s all in Japanese, but I bought it anyway because why not, right? After, we made it easily back to the hotel via subway again.

It was a really great day, despite it being so hot I thought that I myself had turned into the sun. It’s made me even more excited for studying at Yonsei. I’ll end the day with this, as nothing of real interest will probably happen tonight.


  1. Kaia!!! So pretty!! I can't wait for more stories and pics! Glad your parents are there with you for a little while to experience it! Love you girlie!!!

  2. I studied in Yonsei in the summer and it was amazing! Have fun and please keep updating! :)