Friday, August 24, 2012

Orientation Day

Today was the first day of orientation at Yonsei! The orientation itself was….really, incredibly boring. It was the same stuff over and over again. I skipped out on the optional orientations because I was so tired that I came back to my dorm and took a nap.

I did get my student ID and proof of enrollment, though, so that was exciting! I took some time to go to the stationary office (which has a bunch of school supplies and stuff), and managed to pick up some cute un-lined notebooks, a small wallet for my Korean items I have to carry, and a clear file.

The two notebooks where impossible to pass up…here in Asia I can find Rilakkuma items, but at home it’s impossible and I have to order it import! If Rilakkuma is at my fingertips it’s hard not to buy~

I’m very happy with my desk space in my dorm room, I feel very comfortable here working on stuff~

Anyway, after I had my nap and went to the stationary store, I waited for the Mentor’s Club orientation to start. Mentor’s Club is a club on campus that pairs international students with a native Korean Yonsei student. Each Yonsei student has a group of six or seven international students, and we all meet up and do activities together.

I met up with my group, group six. They were all really, really great! We went out to eat and stayed there for three or four hours just talking, laughing, and playing Korean games! We drank rice wine and had Korean potato pancakes with warm kimchi. It was really great…I had an amazing time and met some great people! I’m excited to see them all again!

When we left, a few from the group and other groups wanted to go to a bar, but I passed…along with a couple others. We all decided to walk back to the dorm together, and it was pouring down rain….of course we had no umbrella! So we walked as fast as we could, but it still took at least 25 minutes to get back. We finally got back and went to our respective floors.

I could barely walk because I was so soaked. I took everything off at my door and grabbed a towel…after drying, I went to the convenience store in the basement of my dorm and got some Coke and Oreos…I needed some comfort food after getting so wet and cold!

Now, I’m sitting here watching the Simpsons and trying to get warm again. It was a good day and I’m glad I finally got to meet some new friends.

Ah, and on move-in day I bought a Korean cell phone…it’s really the smallest phone I’ve seen in a long time. It’s not a smart phone, and it’s hard to live without my touch screen and never-ending data plan! TT____TT

Oh, and Korea is bracing for the strongest typhoon to hit the nation this summer and possibly in years. " 

So we went from smoltering heat the last few weeks and now I’ll be swimming to class! I’ll keep everyone updated~

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