Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lazy day…

Well…today I woke up with a little cold. I must have caught it from being in the rain for so long last night! >____< I slept in really late because I didn't feel good…

When I finally woke up, I took a shower quickly and went to the G25 (pretty sure that’s the name of convenience store) in the basement of my building and got some things to eat…I didn’t want a lot so I just got a microwave sandwich and some Pringles. The sandwich was bulgogi patties (or at least that’s what the packaging said) on a long bun with lettuce and mayo…I took the lettuce off because it got soggy from the mayo and I thought it looked gross.

The whole sandwich itself didn’t look too terribly appetizing, but after heating it up and taking a bite, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I ate the whole thing. Back in the states, I never ate mayo because I thought it tasted weird. Here in Korea though, I’ve noticed you can’t be too picky with your food: sometimes because what you don’t like just comes on it anyway and sometimes because I have no way of communicating what I don’t want on my food (or even knowing what DOES come on it).

Anyway, the Pringles were just Sour Cream & Onion…they taste about the same as back home, but the individual Pringles themselves are smaller, which I like.

I also got a big jug-o-Chilsung Cider. Those who know me from back home know that I got Chilsung from Hana, the Korean Market at Purdue, all the time…and I’m excited that I can go anywhere here and get it. It’s one of my favorite drinks.

I also got a free bottle of PU:R water! It tastes like water, surprise. It’s safe to drink filtered water here, so no worries to those who weren’t sure about that back home. The pink drink is Vitamin Water, which we also have back home in the states. I got this flavor, which is supposed to be Kiwi Strawberry…and I regret it. It really doesn’t taste good at all, because it’s not like Powerade. It’s definitely like watered down powerade…bleck. I kept it anyway because I paid money for it and if I really need a drink, it’ll do. Ha.

After eating, I decided to try and find the fitness room since I was tired of just laying in my room. I still didn’t feel too well but I had antsy legs…I had to move or go somewhere. I wandered around on floor B2 and eventually stumbled upon the fitness room. There was a guy in there lifting weights that looked like they’d weigh what I weigh…I was impressed but also slightly intimidated. I didn’t want to look like a pansy in front of this guy, haha.

I got on the really awful elliptical and switched to a treadmill after a bit because it was in such bad shape. After about ten minutes on there, I felt really sick…so I had to leave and run back up to my room. I figured I should be done for the day…I didn’t want to get MORE sick.

Coming to dinner time, I figured I could start my laundry and grab some eats while they were washing. Laundry here is cheap, about 1,000 won for one load. That comes out to a little less than $1 USD. While waiting, I hopped over to a restaurant by the G25 store in the basement. I don’t remember the name, but I always read it as “Kinki”…that’s not it, but oh well.

There were very few people inside and I made it just before closing. I got Tonkatsu, or pork cutlet. It was about 6,000won (a little less than $6 USD)…it was called “big pork cutlet”, but for 6000won I expected a regular portion. When I got it, the cutlet alone was the size of my head…and it came with a side of rice, small salad, a few sweet pickles, and some fried potato skins. I was so shocked. I could only eat about ¾ of the cutlet and half of the rice! I picked at the salad and left the potato skins alone…I didn’t want them. But I love sweet pickles, so I devoured those~ Korea tends to like sweet pickles with a lot of things, so I was really happy to notice that! Thank you, Korea!

I had a while, so I picked at my food for a long time until the timer on my phone went off, signaling to go check on my clothes. I got back and had a few minutes left, and I started to wonder how I would get my sopping wet clothes back to my room…I had brought them down in my suitcase, but forgot that they’d be wet going back up (they don’t have driers here for students unless you get your clothes dry cleaned). I noticed a wall vending machine that sold big plastic bags for 500won…about 00.45 cents in USD. I bought one and was pleased when all my clothes could fit in it!

I made it back to my room and set up the air-drier that we use here. I know all the people older than me reading this will say “that’s how we had to dry clothes when I was young, that’s no big deal”…but for me, I’ve always had a drier! So for me, this was a new experience. I managed to get it set up on the tiny balcony and get all my clothes on it…oh boy, I’m not a failure! We’ll see what they’re like tomorrow morning. I just really hope it doesn’t rain tonight…

I decided to play it safe for the rest of the night and just hang out in my room. I’m still feeling a little under the weather, but tomorrow I have hopes of making my way to Jamsil to hit up a HomePlus…I really want to see what one is like! I’m just in my room now relaxing, listening to Nell, and writing. Not a bad ending to my day.

I hope my parents had a good flight back and enjoyed seeing our puppy dog again! I already miss her loads…hi Maddie (parents, that’s a queue to give her a big hug and kiss from me)! I also hope my brother had a good First Nighter with the Glee Club…miss you guys back home and I’ll try to skype some of you soon!

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