Monday, August 20, 2012

Lotte World and Coex Mall Aquarium

Yesterday there was no update simply because it was a relaxation day. We’d been running around so much we really needed a day to just sleep in and relax. It was definitely well worth it.

Today we woke up to raindrops on our window. 

It was storming like crazy. Originally we had planned to go to Insadong but instead decided to go to Lotte World instead (Lotte World is a Disney-esque theme park). We were determined not to let the rain spoil the day.

When you arrive after the long subway commute from our hotel, you step into this grand entrance of the combination department store, hotel, and theme park entrance (depending on which way you go). They had some really neat statues in a fountain there.

While walking towards the entrance to the theme park, there was a long hall of shops…and I happened to see a sign that had B1A4 on it (a Korean group), and snapped a picture to show my friends from back home~ The shops in this hallway were really cool.

When we first arrived at the ticket counter, they had a waterfall out front that had different colors and formed different shapes in the water. We stood and watched for a while because it was so mesmerizing. The ceiling was really cool too, holes cut out and the sky had been painted on it!

After getting into the park, we didn’t really know what to do…so we hopped on a monorail ride that takes you around the upper part of the park. It got some really great pictures from the monorail, I’ll post them below.

Once we got off the monorail, we went to the Korean Folk Museum. On the way there they have some fun optical paintings on the wall to take photos with, so I snapped a few of mom and dad. Haha.

The Folk Museum was almost too big to even talk about. It covered traditional EVERYTHING in Korea. It was pretty amazing, and it was huge. They had life-size replicas of some buildings, all of which were beautiful.

Finally, toward the end of our time at Lotte World, we went outside despite the rain and snapped a picture of the castle, simply because it’s so cool!

After leaving the amusement park, we decided to stop off at a station just a few stops back to our hotel and hit up the Aquarium at the COEX mall.

Okay, I think fish are just hilarious to look at, and they’re still funny to look at even in Korea. But then we stumbled upon a few BEASTLY fish and I’m slightly terrified now that some fish can reach the sizes these did.

We saw koi

Bats (I won’t question it at the aquarium, bats are precious)

And jellyfish!

Then we were able to go in the underground tunnel aquarium, which was amazing. I’ll try to upload some video later.

After that, we came back home and got some dinner, which leaves me at where I am now: writing this post. I’m exhausted and tomorrow is a long day, so I’ll sign off here.

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