Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busan – Part 2

Okay, so I last left off with us heading back to go to Haeundae beach! After we got back to the general area, we decided to eat. We stumbled upon a place known for having absolutely amazing pasta, so we decided to give it a shot just to see what all the hype was about.

And the hype was right! Their pasta was amazing. I got the chicken alfredo, Marissa got the bacon alfredo, and Kristen got the Thursday Burger, which had egg on it.

They were so delicious, and the bread given with it was regular bread! No sugar added, and they were wheat! I never wanted to leave it was so good. I think they place was called Thursday Party, Burger and Pasta. We totally destroyed our meal.

We then headed to the main attraction in my mind, Haeundae beach. It was absolutely beautiful. My favorite place is the beach, so this was an awesome day for me!

There were lots of people playing in the water, young and older, and families and children everywhere. It was a really fun environment, and I got to get in the water too!

The best part was probably when this older gentleman on a jetski went up to a group of girls who were having the most fun of anyone on the beach and asked if they wanted a ride. The men on the jetskis had been making waves for the people on shore, and the girls were absolutely delighted. You could tell it made their entire week!

There were tons of adorable kids in Busan! I couldn’t stop myself from snapping a few pictures of them.

After we had fun at this beach for a while, we decided to head to another for dinner and the nightlife.  Clearly it was my lucky day, two beaches ! Anyway, on the way there I took some pictures of other things. First, there are mountains everywhere here. They’re all covered in trees and they’re gorgeous!

Second, animals! We saw this cat resting in a closed restaurant. He was sunbathing and seemed pretty ticked off that we woke him up with our excited squeals.

Also, these puppies….they’re my soulmates in the animal world!

They were little maltese puppies for sale by a petshop owner, and they were so playful! We actually got to go in and play with them for a while. It really made me want my own dog and miss the one back home! After playing with them and dragging myself away, we started to the subway to go to the other beach. Since we were in Busan, we figured we had to get some seafood, so we found a place along the beach and ordered a great (see: expensive) meal!

Clams, oysters, seafood stew with octopus, and a rice/seafood mix. Despite not caring much for them back in the States, they were really good! You dipped the clams and stuff in this soy sauce and onion mix that was delicious and totally made the seafood scrumptious. The octopus wasn't chewy at all, it was actually tender. I don’t like chewy foods, so I was delighted to be able to eat it!

Then after paying, we headed to the beach. First, we stopped for some ice cream and soft drinks. We carried our haul to the beach and plopped down to enjoy the lights. This beach was beautiful simply because it was dark outside.

Sorry that the photos are blurry, but my camera didn’t know how to deal with the darkness, haha. They also sold some minor fireworks and sparklers to have some fun! There were some young kids who got some from their dad and they ran around so excitedly. This is the image my camera got~

After just hanging out and having a good time at the beach, we headed back home to crash.

The next morning we wanted to hit up a very famous fish market in Busan. I only got a few pictures of the harbor where it was located, but it was fun non-the-less! 

After having an awesome lunch of fish at the market, we had to head back to the station and go back home to Seoul. Busan was an amazing trip and I’m so glad to have gone. I really loved my time there, and I’m starting to look into teaching there~

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  1. Love these night pictures on the beach! So glad you got to go - to the beach and to Korea :) So proud of you Kaia! Love you!