Thursday, October 4, 2012

Korean Findings~

So since I don't have much to talk about today (I spent the entire afternoon writing a paper. I finished it and I feel confident!), I figured I could talk about some things in Korea that I've bought or found that I really enjoy. But first...

There's some color on the tips of the trees! Hooray! Autumn is my favorite season and I'm incredibly sad I'll miss it back home. The smell of burning leaves, hoddie weather, crisp air....ahh, I miss it so much! Hopefully this means it's coming for Korea, too~

Anyway, some fun things in Korea that you either have to get or do!

  • Korean Socks
Korea has some of the best socks I've ever seen! They're cheap, widely available  and totally adorable to a painful degree. These are only a few I've bought so far. (I've had my eye on a pair that had manta rays on them for a while...)

As a person who's completely enamored by cute things, Korean socks were like a gift from above. They even have funny socks.

Yep, Gangnam Style socks. They were only 1,000won....a little less than 1USD! So hard to pass these up when you pass by street vendors selling them.

  • Pony Brown
I've just recently been opened up to Pony Brown, a brand of super adorable stationary supplies. They have a really cute style of art and love bright, vibrant colors.

They were cheap and the little notebooks are thread bound, making them really easy to write in. The pens are some of the best I've ever written with, too. And of course, insanely adorable. Girls, go find this brand and stock up! The message on the back is even just as cute!

  • Sticker Booths
Oh my god...sticker booths should be a thing in America! They are so fun and no matter what, you look good!

I've yet to get a very big one, which I want so badly, but I will sometime! I'm so addicted and I've only done it twice. Despite being very quick and sometimes confusing, they're really a blast with your friends~

  • Food
That's a pretty broad section...but I've had some amazing foods in the past few days! first of all, Korean Krispy Kreme. They are no joke here.

They even have themed donuts! The pumpkin ones (as I was told by the friends who ate them) have a pumpkin jelly-like filling. I took a taste and it was so delicious...they had so many flavors. My favorite, by far, was a Hazelnut...something. I don't remember the whole title.

Yep. Nutella in a donut. It might be the most delicious thing I've ever had. I'm gonna get it again soon. When in Rome, right? Haha. Well, when in as Koreans do! And they do donuts so, so right. The next is somewhat similar. Some people might not know this, but Korea doesn't have a separate type of foods for breakfast like in the West. It's hard to find a good American breakfast here!

This, though, was so amazing. It was at Tomo Cafe again in Sinchon. It came with the half waffle, scrambled eggs, sausage/bacon, a banana, and a salad. It was so heavenly I thought I would cry! Tomo Cafe does it so well, I was very impressed! I've heard that Butterfingers is a supposed AMAZING breakfast place for westerners, so I'll have to check that place out soon and report back. Now back to Korean food!

I had 도시락 (doshirak) for dinner tonight. It's Korea's version of a bento box. I got 소고기 (beef) and tonkatsu. It came with a side of sweet pickles (YES!), pickled...something yellow, kimchi, and rice. The beef tasted like my mom's pot roast back tasty! It was really good and incredibly cheap. It was about 3,500won. I'll be eating here again soon!

  • Advertisments
I must be used to midwestern, not-cool advertisements because Korea has the COOLEST!

This was at the COEX mall, and I was so excited to see it! I've never seen anything Zelda this big before in my life, so I made my friend stop and take a picture of me with it, haha! They also have Kpop idols as big as walls, too.

It's Junsu (Xiah) from TVXQ/JYJ. They had a whole wall of the JYJ guys playing Nintendo DS, I just took a photo of Junsu because my friend loves him and I had to show her. But you see stuff like this all over. I've seen so much Big Bang and CNBlue advertisements that are the size of my bedroom back home!

Anyway, those are some fun things that have happened or I've seen lately!

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