Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lucy Hair

Okay, I’d gotten bored of my hair. Very, very bored. I was nervous to try and get it done here in Korea because of the language barrier and I’d heard some horror stories about Juno Hair, which is supposed to specialize in foreign hair. After searching online, I found good reviews about a place in Sinchon, Lucy Hair. Since everything I’d heard had been simply praise (and they were in my very own city!) I made an appointment and just a day later, I was sitting in the chair. (I was using my Samsung Galaxt tablet to take pictures, sorry! The color is a little misleading~)

It’s a nice interior, very welcoming.

A very nice man did my hair. His name is Dennis (Dennis 아저~ㅋㅋ) and he was spectacular! He was very charming and fun to work with. I brought in initial things I wanted, but ended up just trusting him on what twist he wanted to run with.

He added the color (red highlights with a darker brown base), which took a while, then let me sit. After, another man washed my hair and then Dennis did a special treatment to my hair. They also took off the edges of the color that may have gotten on my skin. Then, they washed my hair a second time and started the cut.

I absolutely love how it turned out. My hair originally was pretty boring (my old color had faded out), and I was in desperate want for some bangs to come back to my life! So before and after:

I really love it, it’s something new for me and it feels great! I think I look good, too, which is a plus! Haha! Anyway, I had my appointment set for 11am and walked out at around 1:30. The color, cut, treatment, etc…everything I’d gotten done to my hair was only $150. A full color/highlight, and trim! I was sure it would cost more! And I paid in cash, so I got a discount…about $7/$8 off!

This place is absolutely awesome and the best salon experience I’ve had! The staff was inviting, spoke English well, and had amazing techniques. I’m extremely impressed. They did a top knotch job for a wonderful price. If you are in Sinchon, make sure to find Lucy Hair and get your hair done!


  1. Your hair looks good and you look great in it!~ ^^

  2. Looks fab Kaia! Love reading about all of your experiences :)