Thursday, November 22, 2012

Seoul Lantern Festival

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been busy (and too lazy to update), but I'm back! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America~ In one month I'll be heading home...time has gone by so fast.

Anyway, I'm going to update photos from the Seoul Lantern Festival that happened this past week or so! It was really fun to see all the paper craft statues people made. It was on the Cheongyecheon stream that runs through Seoul, and there were so many people that showed up on the day I went!

We actually went backwards through the set-up, so we saw the last ones first...and they were super heroes! They had Batman as well, but he was facing away from me so I couldn't get a good picture ㅠㅠ But we really liked seeing them~

Then was Pororo! It's a Korean children's show, and it's totally adorable. They were even playing the theme song from the area!

Then there were some really awesome fish set up above the stream. This part was a photographer's dream, it had such great colors and reflections!

Some of these were really intricate and amazing. This dragon alternated lights and it was so huge. It was so cool to get up close to it.

There was a cool fish theme at certain places and I'm not really sure why. It was really awesome though, because they put the fish in the air, so it looked like you were underwater with them! It really lit up the sky above you as you walked.

Then they had children representing countries of the world! They had America, and we were represented by a Native American girl. I loved it, since that legitimately is what the traditional American heritage is! It was really cute.

and a HUGE fruit setup! I don't know what it was for, but it was awesome. It was a giant pineapple sticking out of the middle of the stream in downtown Seoul. They even have cute little grapes on the float~

There was a small section of the walk that had a wall filled with plastic bricks people had written on with their boyfriend or girlfriend. It was really cute and creative. Korea is obsessed with dating, but they make it really cute~

They also had these lanterns in the stream. People could craft them in a certain area and write on them with friends or loved ones, and set them free into the stream. They had little candles inside and it was absolutely adorable. There were an insane amount of people so my friend and I decided not to (we didn't even know where to begin...)

This was a really extravagant lantern setup. It was an entire traditional musical performance. They had music playing and everything, but it was amazing to see how big this one was.

If you're in Korea during the time of the Lantern Festival, I would recommend going! It's really cool and fun to see all the setups! Even though it's cold now-a-days, it was worth being outside to see them all. It was really amazing.

After we were out for so long, we stopped at a Tom-n-Toms to get a snack~ Pepperoni Pretzel and Cinnamon Chocolate ice drinks. This drink is my favorite thing in the world...if you get to go, try it! You won't be disappointed!

Anyway, I'll try to update more! I'm sorry that I've been absent from here for so long!

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