Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ewha Women's University~

Today a friend and I went to 이화여자대학교, or Ewha Women's University. It's practically across the street from my dorm (almost literally a five minute walk...I didn't time it, but we were there in minutes.) This campus is absolutely beautiful, including the walk there.

These are just the back roads to get there from my dorm. The roads there are even cute, and you pass the elementary school, so if you're lucky you get to see cute kids running around! (We were lucky~) The trees still have some leaves on them so I was able to take some pretty pictures walking there~

This is the campus that you walk directly's pretty unexpected as it's (in my opinion) more cool and beautiful than Yonsei's campus.

After just looking around for a bit, Kristen and I went to find someplace to eat. We went down a random road off campus and found ourselves at a quaint little restaurant called "Hungry Bob's" (I think).

It was so cute inside, I loved it! The food was cheap, too, which was a huge bonus for us. Each person was only about $6USD. Together it was only 13,000won total! Totally worth it on a cold, comfort-food wanting sort of day.

I got Tonkatsu Omurice (Pork cutlet with a fried rice filled egg, and a small salad on the side) and Kristen got bulgogi (marinated beef with vegetables over a bed of rice). Each came with a delicious miso soup and pickled radishes (My favorite!) I would definitely recommend hitting this place up if you're ever in the Ewha area.

While trying to decide where to eat, we stumbled upon what we thought was a cute bakery. We decided to go after eating and we were pleasantly surprised. 

It wasn't just some ordinary cute bakery, it was a decorate-your-own bakery. The inside was really warm and inviting. Really vintage and nature-like. 

We didn't want a whole cake, so we each got a cupcake instead. You got to choose your cake style and icing flavor. I picked Chocolate Fudge cake with Spearmint icing. Then, you picked the tip for the icing tube and went to pick out your decorations while you waited.

They had SO much to choose from! Everything was edible, too! Letters, numbers, different types of candies or powders. In the cooler they had things like chocolate shapes, fruits, was really amazing. The idea of a hand-made cake for a loved one from yourself is so awesome!

This is what we were given when ready. Just the cupcake and a squeeze tube of icing with your own desired end. But the result was that I'm a pretty great ice...icer? Icinger? Whatever, I did a good job.

I know, I'm the next Korean Cake Boss. But anyway. This is when we got to put all our chosen decorations on the cupcake. They had tons of tools to use, too! Sifters, tweezers, knives, and more. It was great.

This is what I chose. Everything was either 500won (about 45cents) or 1,000won (close to a dollar). Chocolate powder, a cherry, fruity twist marshmallows, a chocolate leaf, and the letter K made out of sugar!

This was my finished cupcake. Totally adorable, right? I should be a baker. Haha, it's a joke. I'd eat all the tings I made. It was about 6,900won ($6.85USD) total, and albeit that's a little pricey for a single cupcake, it was worth it to decorate it. We had so much fun and we laughed the whole time. We're planning to go back here for a birthday celebration because it was so much fun. So if you go to Ewha and want to do something different than shopping, try out Jammy's Cake! It's awesome!

After that we headed home

of course with our hand-made cupcakes in cute, convenient cups and bags! Ewha is an awesome place, and has a ton of cool places to shop, eat, or just hang out. Go there if you're ever in the area!

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